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The phenomenon of a number 11:11

Sunday, July 16, 2017 at 11:01
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The phenomenon of a number 11:11

People around the world claim that the number 11:11 appears constantly in front of them. They were made by an entire Web-sites to people who are aware that they are not alone. Some of them are trying to explain this phenomenon and give him a deeper meaning. However, the question is what he really means? There are many theories that explain the meaning of the frequently seeing of this number, and they're all different. Featured more common theory claims that when we see these numbers need to imagine a wish and it will come true. Some argue that the appearance of these numbers mean that the situation will improve. Interprets them as a window of new opportunities. One of the neat theory is that when you see 11:11 you are experiencing a special moment and that no matter what you're doing at that point you need to stop and experience. Scientists claim that the number of 11:11 occurs much more often than could be explained by the mere randomness. They say that in the Numerology number 11 is considered to possess the qualities of patience, integrity, spirituality, sensitivity, intuition and that is idealistic. 11:11 is also a binary code, so it can be and has been interpreted as an error in the matrix in the form of repeated coded messages.

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